Wealth Management




Wealth Management



Many people believe that only the rich need wealth management planning. However, anyone who owns any property, or has young children or has a desire to ensure that the loved ones are taken care of after his or her death needs careful planning on the preservation of wealth as well as a smooth transfer of wealth to the next generation.

Amicus Lawyers provides full services to ensure that our clients can enjoy the full benefits of a well-planned wealth management structure such as minimizing taxes, eliminating expensive probate and court interference, providing a quick distribution of assets, appointing guardians for children, and protecting one's estate from creditors.

Each situation is unique. We meet with our clients and spend time to discuss their concerns, and wishes. Our knowledge in this area enables us to fully appreciate our clients' circumstances and assist them in setting up wealth management planning tailored to their needs.

Our wealth management services include Wills, Powers of Attorney, Rearranging Property Ownership, Family Trust, and Incorporation.






"Outstanding Service! I was delighted with the personable and professional service from Michael. The staff are polite and helpful and all the documents and details required to complete the purchase of our condo were taken care of most accurately and efficiently. "

Gail, Vancouver

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