Corporate Law




Corporate Law



Amicus Lawyers provides extensive advice in corporate law. From our inception we have assisted our clients to set up a corporate structure that will enable them to implement their business objectives securely and with minimum liability. We also have advised our corporate clients in various issues in their operations of business and related transactions.

We provide legal and strategic advice on a wide variety of corporate matters including:

  • Selection of the Right Business Structure
  • Incorporation
  • Shareholders Agreement
  • Mergers & Acquisition
  • Reorganization
  • Non-profit societies
  • Governance

Business Formation

We advise clients at every stage in the formation of a new business. We help clients determine the most appropriate tax and legal structures for their new business, whether it be a corporation, partnership, or joint venture. We advise on appropriate financing and shareholding arrangements and agreements.


We have incorporated numerous businesses in British Columbia and work with lawyers and agents across Canada for extra-provincial registrations.

Shareholders Agreement

A shareholders agreement is arguably the most important contractual document for a small, non-offering corporation. We draft shareholders agreements to meet the business objectives of our clients and ensure that our clients' relationships with key parties are clear and enforceable.

Mergers & Acquisition

We act for our clients in transactions involving the purchase, sale and combination of businesses. We assist our clients with negotiated transfers of assets and shares, plans of arrangement and amalgamation. Our deal participation includes initial structuring, negotiation and drafting of documents, strategic advice and regulatory compliance.


We counsel clients wishing to reorganize their businesses through such measures as obtaining additional equity, forming, dissolving or merging subsidiaries, taking on new partners or shareholders, or transferring business assets.

Non-profit Societies

Amicus Lawyers has assisted numerous non-profit organizations, from incorporation to governance consultations. Our clients include religious groups, cultural organizations, international aid and development organizations, private pilot club, and business improvement associations.






"Outstanding Service! I was delighted with the personable and professional service from Michael. The staff are polite and helpful and all the documents and details required to complete the purchase of our condo were taken care of most accurately and efficiently. "

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