Amicus Lawyers

March 23, 2020, and until further notice:   

Our office is still open.  However, in order to maintain "social distancing", some staff are now working from home, and we are limiting in person meetings to those that are necessary.

When an in person meeting is necessary to have documents witnessed or notarized, we will attempt to maintain a reasonable distance from clients during our meetings, and we will only meet with clients who have no cold or flu symptoms and who are not required to self-isolate.  Often we will only need to be close enough to be able to identify the individual and see them sign.

In order to minimize the paper being passed back and forth with a client, and to reduce the time required for our in person meetings, we are also able to send documents for electronic signatures when in person witnessing or notarization is not required.  

We can also arrange for telephone conferences or video conferences if necessary to help faciliate more fluid discussion with clients.

For now, and always, we hope that everyone stays safe and healthy.

Our contact information is as follows:

#100 - 713 Columbia St.
New Westminster, BC, V3M 1B2

Ph: (604) 889 7000
Fx: (604) 526 7033

Our general areas of practice include assisting clients with the following:

-  Buying and selling of businesses and companies
-  Franchising, including review and creation of franchise agreements and disclosure documents
-  Incorporation of companies and corporate restructuring
-  Real estate transactions and mortgages
-  Drafting and reviewing commercial leases
-  Commercial mortgages, acting for lenders and borrowers
-  Wills and non-contentious estates

Peter Yi, now the firm's principal lawyer, and Michael Hwang, the firm's former principal lawyer, have practiced as business lawyers since September 1999 and May 1990, respectively.

From and after January 1, 2019, legal services from Amicus Lawyers are provided by Peter Yi Law Corporation. Michael Hwang continues to practice at Amicus Lawyers through his personal law corporation, Hwang & Company Law Corporation.

Prior to January 1, 2019, legal services at Amicus Lawyers were provided by Hwang & Company Law Corporation.